GBA4iOSkins is a site that allows you to download controller skins for GBA4iOS 2.0

This project was conceptualized by two beta testers of Riley's popular emulator back in September 2013. When the two met through Twitter and started talking, they discovered that version 2.0 would include controller skins customization (something missing from version 1.6), and they figured that a site should be made to create, showcase and allow you to download as many types of controller skins as possible. This idea, daunting at first due to our lack of experience in projects of this magnitude, grew at a steady pace until we found ourselves needing more members to help out. A third beta tester was welcomed into the team and the three of us have been working for months on getting this idea off the ground.

The beta testers trio is now known officially as the Start3rs. Members include: Dario Sepulveda, Tyler Livingston, and Jon aka OPERATIONiDROID. With our combined set of skills and different perspectives, we have accomplished what we didn't think possible.

Meet the team!

Dario (@mithical) is lead skin designer. He created most of the skins now featured in the site (with many more soon to come) and coded this website you are browsing right now. He is in charge of organization, designing, mapping, hosting and execution, as well as PR.

Tyler (@The120thWhisper) is our fonts and hexadecimal consultant expert. He is primarily in charge of mobile site development which is the foundation of where you can download skins, server administration and distribution, as well as PR.

Jon (@OPERATIONiDROID) is our video editor. He's our media creator, responsible for viral marketing and is also the glue that keeps the group together and keeps us on schedule. He also takes charge of our creating our site trailers, skin spotlights videos and many other projects.

Got an idea or skin request?

Submit it to us! We have a system set up on our partner site '' for you to send us your ideas, requests, designs and we will see if it can be turned into a skin! Click the button below.

Please be aware that Twitter is our primary form of contact.
If, however, you can't fit everything you wish to say in 140 characters or less, you can always reach us at our individual emails.

Choose the contact that fits your type of subject.

Email Dario

He's @mithical on Twitter and is in charge of skin creation, mapping, hosting, distribution and web coding when he's not watching Netflix.

Email Tyler

He's @The120thWhisper on Twitter and is in charge of mobile development, web coding and maintenance, as well as napping.


He's @OPERATIONiDROID on Twitter and is in charge of video creation, viral marketing, editing and bringing donuts to the office.

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